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Welcome to Moving Ahead

We are a grassroots group of more than 80 passionate, energized, gifted, and involved Christians connected to Topeka First United Methodist Church and working for justice and inclusion. All are welcome. 

Upcoming Activities


February 12 through April 1

A six-session offering will review the book Faithful and Inclusive: The Bible, Sexuality, and the UMC, Wednesday nights, 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. Video sessions and discussion encourage development of participants’ own perspectives on the Bible’s passages related to homosexuality. Author Rev. Rob Fuquay, pastor of one of the largest United Methodist congregations in the country, creates a safe space for all to navigate this complex issue, relying on the biblical-interpretation approach of Methodism’s founder, John Wesley. Facilitators will be Pastor Jeff Clinger, Rev. Sandy Vogel, Dr. Mike Morrison, and Leadership Council Chair Laura Lutz. The dates and session titles are:

  • February 12 “How United Methodists Interpret Scripture “

  • February 19 “Old Testament Passages”

  • March 4 “The Influences of Culture on How We Read the Bible”

  • March 18 “New Testament Passages”

  • March 25 “The Jesus Ethic: What Did Christ Say?”

  • April 1 “Where Does the UMC Go from Here?”

Each session stands on its own, and it is not necessary to buy or read the book. 

Past Activities and Presentations

Dr. Barbara Lukert and Rev. Lee Johnson presented their talk titled “Scripture, Science, and Sexuality” in Klasse Chapel on September 30 with over 90 persons present. The discussion was sponsored by “Moving Ahead,” Topeka First UMC members who support and affirm the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in the UMC. You can view their presentations here and here

Understanding the Needs of LGBTQ Youth

Our Team

Co-Chairs:                      Nancy Lewis and Grace Morrison, MD.  
Steering Committee:      Erin Corbin, Joy Dodd, Randall           

                                     Hodgkinson, Nancy Lewis, Grace 

                                     Morrison, MD, Mike Morrison, MD, Will

                                     Naeger, and Rev. Sandy Vogel

Contact:    Nancy Lewis:         




                Grace Morrison, MD:         


Position Statement

Moving Ahead is a group of people connected to Topeka First United Methodist Church who recognize the pain and uncertainty caused by the Traditional Plan passed by the 2019 Special General Conference.  We believe that the traditional plan, as well as the discriminatory language, restrictions, and penalties in the Book of Discipline regarding LGBTQ+ persons,  are harmful, hurtful, and wrong, and are contrary to Christ’s commandment to love one another.  We believe that we are all created in the image of God and that Jesus taught us to love and be in ministry with all equally, including LGBTQ+ persons, their families, and friends.  We welcome, affirm, and celebrate people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

How Do I Join?

Membership is open to anyone who understands our Position Statement, and who wishes to gain more understanding and information about the issue before the worldwide United Methodist Church. The goal of Moving Ahead is to welcome, affirm, and celebrate people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.


Moving Ahead

•    is a Reconciling Community with Reconciling Ministries Network as of September 2019. Click here for        the Reconciling Ministries Network website.
•    sponsored and participated in the Topeka Pride event in September 2019.
•    submitted 14 petitions for changes to the Book of Discipline to be considered at the General             

      Conference in May 2020.

“Resisting evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they may present themselves”

- UMC Baptismal Vows

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