At Topeka First UMC

Wedding Policy 

Congratulations! You have reached one of the most important moments in your life! We join with your family and friends in celebrating your decision to be married. Please call the contact the church as soon as possible to check the availability of our pastor and the church facilities for your desired wedding date. 


Weddings held at Topeka First UMC are performed primarily as a ministry since a wedding is a service of worship. All weddings are conducted under the leadership of our Topeka First UMC pastors as a United Methodist ceremony. If a couple wished to involve another pastor, their pastor may contact our pastor directly to discuss the request. Wedding of those who are not affiliated with our church must be approved by the pastor and are not confirmed on the church calendar until six months prior to the wedding date. 


Feel free to email Tina or contact us at 785-233-8100 with any questions about planning your wedding at Topeka First UMC. 

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