Youth Discipleship


Welcome Parents!

This page is designed to be a resource to help you win everyday of the week. You will find information, events, and tools that are here to help you understand and connect with your kids; allowing you to meet them where they are.

The Pre-Teen and Teenage years will go by quickly (and some days not fast enough), yet things that happen during these years that will remain with you and your kids for a lifetime. So, lean in, be curious, and find intentional ways to do life with your kid - which all these resources have been provided to help you do.

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"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it."



Trauma & Resilience

TEDTalk by Jamie Marich

Renowned trauma expert and life long counselor dives into what trauma is and things to consider.

An insightful documentary regarding "the biology of stress and the science of hope"


The Social Dilemma (Netflix Documentary)

The things large Technology companies are dealing with and it's developmental and social consequences on humanity

Content for parents and kids to understand the privileges and risks that come with using technology and online platforms

Reviews and commentary for parents on books, movies, and more

Expert reviews and commentary on games

Faith Formation

Fuller Youth Institute -

Great general site to find resources for engaging your kid in their faith

Gender & Society

The Mask You Live In (Netflix Documentary)

Explores how our culture's narrow definition of masculinity is harming our boys, men and society at large and unveils what we can do about it.


Miss Representation (Netflix Documentary)

Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Condoleeza Rice, Gloria Steinem and others discuss sexism in American society and the media.



The Score is Love All by Kevin, Virgil L., and Kip Brady

"This book, like Virgil's sermons, is full of insight and humility, from a man who started out to be a coach and ended up a pastor." -Roy Williams, Head Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina.

Parental Guidance

It's hard to believe that the most important role you have - Parent - has gotten more challenging and vital. You have had to double, triple, quadruple your efforts to ensure your children are getting the love and care they need in this time. All while maintaining your own and family financial, emotional, mental, social, occupational, and spiritual needs. The slowness and stillness of March and April have been replaced with a familiar business and fatigue. However, you and your kids are relearning everything together. The uncertainty and concern that began over several months ago remains, forcing you to navigate uncharted thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
Therefore, Parental Guidance was created. This experience occurs once a quarter. It is a gathering for all Youth Parents to connect and learn together. Gatherings are focused on topics we know you want to hear about and will help you understand and engage your kid.

This idea spurred from an important reality named by you and your Parental peers. You have been with your youth now more than ever, some 24/7! I love your kids, and I know you love them more. But, 24/7 or 20/7 or 16/7 is A LOT! I have so much respect and admiration (and yes concern for your sanity) for each of you, and we want to support you in what you're already doing daily. SO...

RSVP to join us at the next Parental Guidance event by clicking the button below!

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Above is a great tool for helping your youth self process, as well as help others think through decisions. This Decision Making Model from PML equips you and your youth with a framework to handling difficult moments or intimidating choices. Each element of the body on the left correlates to a step in the process on the right. Work your way from top to bottom by prompting your child with questions to help them (and you) gain clarity, options, direction, and acts. It's important to note the point of this model is to allow your youth to make their own decision, and enables you to be with them in their choice(s) each step of the way.


"The Youth Discipleship program is committed to developing rich relationships, especially between youth and their parents - now and for life."

Parent as Volunteer


(Younger Youth)



(Older Youth)




There is this assumption that youth don't want their parents around at Youth Discip-leship events and programs. Some may even say this out loud to you. Yet, it's simply not true. They have been working for your approval, attention, and love throughout there life. This didn't (and doesn't) stop; it becomes something youth hide to maintain social status and peer approval.

One of the best things you can do to model and encourage faith is be involved in Youth Discipleship. Be around to experience what your child is learning first hand; growing together, with one another in your faith. Now, this looks different for different parents. Thus, we encourage every to parent to consider the following when thinking about volunteering in Youth Discipleship:

  • Have I talked with my kid about serving in Youth Discipleship? Do you know one another's why?

  • What gifts and talents do I bring?

  • Can I give a 1-2 hours of my time weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.?

  • Can I differentiate my role as parent and volunteer?