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Welcome Back Mission Trippers!

The youth enjoyed a fantastic trip in mission to Elizabethtown, NC. Through Praying Pelican Missions and partnerships with the Bladen County Emegency Services and Baptists on Mission, the Youth Mission Team was able to complete multiple projects. Another youth team from Dundalk, MD.

Project #1

The youth mission team stayed at a former prison camp that was not being used and is currently under reconstruction to be used for groups like ours! The team was part of the second group to stay at the facility, and was also their work site for the week. Parts of both youth groups worked to paint the mess hall (walls and ceiling) and in living quarters. Additionally, this team put in protective ceiling covering in the kitchen to adequately handle high temperatures and necessary operating codes.

Project #2

With the help of Baptist on Mission, the rest of our group completed the basement of a church that would become the new youth space for their church. Using quick create, sealant, and paint the team was able to "flood proof" (help prevent future flooding) the basement and brighten up the space for spiritual growth and fellowship. Team members also helped with odds and ends jobs that had been overlooked due to urgency of other projects - replacing vaulted ceiling lights; cleaning pews, windows, and floor; dusting shutters; etc.

Project #3

All groups helped prepare and/or deliver food packages for those in need after being impacted by natural disaster and reoccurring storms/flooding. Nearly 30 households received a food sack containing basic food items such as cans of soup, fruit, and vegetables. Other items included pasta, rice, and water. This was a meaningful opportunity to connect with community members and hear their story, and how they were impacted and thank for the work our teams were doing.

Outside of the work day our team had fun enjoying the Atlantic Ocean at Carolina Beach! Other fun and fellowship was shared in the evening playing cards and making dinner. Each night the groups took time for devotions focused on biblical study/application, being still with God, living in community, and being missional. The team ended the trip ready for rest, yet hungry to make an impact for Christ in the lives of others.

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