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Tempero/Sandall Dialogue Workshop

Please plan to join us at 11:30 Sunday, Aug. 25, in Fellowship Hall for lunch and a workshop led by Dr. David Procter, director of Kansas State University’s Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy. This workshop is intended to help us work through techniques for engaging in civil discourse on issues that evoke strong feelings and can make discussions difficult.

The Tempero/Sandall Fellowship committee, working with the Leadership Council, thinks that the outcome of the 2019 General Conference and the actions taken since then by various leaders of our United Methodist Church are pushing congregation members to take a stand and make tough decisions. In order to facilitate open dialogue, we are bringing in Dr. Procter to facilitate a workshop specifically for our congregation.

We encourage you to mark this event on your calendar and make it a priority to attend so we can learn together and move forward

Expectations for the workshop

Goals of the workshop would be:

i. To build community within the congregation

ii. To have the congregation engage in civil discourse around a wicked issue

iii. To encourage all to participate in the discussion

Specific outcomes of the workshop would be:

i. The congregation will participate in / see a civil dialogue in action

ii. The congregation will have an understanding / appreciation of other’s view around a wicked issue

iii. The congregation will be better positioned to move forward with other discussions of important issues in their lives and in the life of Topeka First United Methodist Church

About Dr. Procter:

Dr. David E. Procter (Ph.D., University of Nebraska) is a professor of communication studies, the director of Kansas State University’s Center for Engagement and Community Development and the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy. From 1993-2006, he was head of K-State’s department of communication studies, theatre and dance. In 2004, he helped establish the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at K-State to help provide citizens with a stronger voice in local, state, and national politics and help communities build the capacity for informed, engaged, and civil deliberation on important and controversial issues. Dr. Procter has served as a co-editor of the online journal, The Journal of Public Deliberation and was one of the creators of a graduate certificate in dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement. He has provided community facilitation training in Canada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, and in communities across Kansas. He has also been part of many facilitation teams moderating community forums on a host of wicked civic issues including issues of food access, water, mental health, immigration, and climate change.

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