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Easter Hospitality

As we continue to live into our vision to exist for the good of the city it's important to remember that first impressions matter. As Easter approaches we are reminded of the opportunity it presents to us as a congregation to welcome our guests with open arms and big smiles. There are a number of ways we can seek to be hospitable to our guests throughout the year and we'd love your help in making it happen!

Parking: We are fortunate to have access to the state parking lot across from our building on Harrison Street. We would encourage you to park in this lot if you are able. It is helpful to leave parking spots in our main lot open for first time guests.

Celebration Room: Because we have so many guests on Easter, we are moving some of the furniture in the Celebration Room around to accommodate larger crowds. These are not permanent changes but an attempt to make our space more comfortable and welcoming to our guests.

Be On the Look Out: First time guests often want to get to know us just as much as we want to get to know them. If you see someone you don't recognize, don't be afraid to say hello. Even if they aren't new, it's always a good idea to meet new people. Use a line like, "Hi, I'm Joe and I'm not sure that we have met before."

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