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Special General Conference: What You Need to Know

A Special called General Conference of the United Methodist Church starts their weeklong meeting in St. Louis on Saturday. After years of disagreements, confusion, and pain the United Methodist Church turned to the Council of Bishops for guidance on how we should answer questions regarding human sexuality as it relates to the marriages and ordination of LGBTQ individuals. The discussions they have and decisions they make might matter to you.

We Don't Know What Will Happen

We will spend time in worship over the next two weeks discussing the conference but that does not mean know what will happen in St. Louis. General Conferences are legislative processes that can twist and turn, creating results that we easily predicted or never expected. Though we don't know what will happen, we do know that these conversations matter to a number of people connected to our congregation. We would also remind you that these conversations are deeply personal and we hope and pray that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, can continue to treat one another with the grace, love, and compassion that Christ shows us. Though we don't know what will happen in St. Louis, we do know that people in our community will continue to need love and guidance. People will continue to look for a warm welcome when they walk through our doors. We will continue to have the opportunity to show people the love of God through our actions.

Resources You May Want

The General Conference will be live streamed throughout the week. You can watch sessions by Clicking Here. There will also be news regularly coming out of the conference and you can receive updates here.

Join Us in Praying

The Bishops of the United Methodist Church have encouraged all of us to join in praying for the process. Throughout the next week we invite you to lift up prayers of support and grace to all of those working at and affected by the General Conference.

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