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April Prayer Vigil

At the recent General Conference a vote was taken which may result in the division of our United Methodist Churches. In response, First United Methodist Church is hosting a month-long, round the clock prayer vigil for the greater UMC moving forward. We hope members of all the United Methodist Churches across the city will join us as we pray for discernment for our leaders as they plan a way forward. We pray our actions will reflect God’s call and his intent for our discipleship and ministry.

Volunteers can sign up for two-hour long daytime shifts (or one-hour overnight shifts) at a registration table in the Celebration Room on Sunday mornings through April 13 or by contacting Cynthia Naeger at (785) 633-1875 by text or phone call or by email at bneng61@att.net. Be sure to include contact information when you sign up or leave a message. Instructions for church entry and shift expectations will be sent to you once you have registered.

We hope to have two volunteers for every shift. Please feel free to volunteer for multiple shifts! In the interest of safety, during the shifts from 9 pm to 6 am volunteers will pray from their own homes. The overnight shifts will last only an hour rather than two in order to not disturb your sleep any more than necessary. We also want to include our homebound members or those who don’t drive. If coming to the church is an issue, you may pray from your own home regardless of the shift. Please just let organizers know you will be participating off site when you sign up for your shift in order to help us ensure proper coverage. During shifts that are covered off-site, we will light a battery-operated candle on the communion rail to represent the act of prayer.

We are on the cusp of a definitive moment in the history of the United Methodist Church. Please join us as we pray for God’s grace for our churches and his people.

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