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This retreat is an opportunity for everyone to engage in and develop rhythms of rest, restoration, connection, and creation that will transform our relationship with God and with others and help us live more fully into our purpose. We invite you to slow down and make the time to join us as we have fun together, give God more space to move in our lives, and resist the constant busyness, productivity, distractedness, and fragmentation of the world that so often keep us from growing in our discipleship.

Registration costs $10 per person or $25 per family with over 2 people. If the cost is preventing you from signing up, please let us know. The church would be more than happy to cover the cost for you! You can pay online or at the front desk. If you pay online, select the "Misc Specials" fund and write, "Retreat," in the memo.


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For all ages! Bring your whole family!

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Childcare will be provided for children ages 4 and under.

Lunch will be provided.


Eat some donuts before we get started. They'll be here by 8:30 a.m. 

There will be an After Party where we'll be watching the first halves of the KU and K-State basketball games!