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April 28, 2019 - May 26,2019

Title: Come
Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33
Theme: A foundational part of our life of faith is Jesus’ call to come, to follow, to trust. Just as it is imperative for a dog to respond to the voice of its master and to come when called, as followers of Jesus it is imperative that we hear and respond to the voice of Jesus when we are called. As we begin this series we’ll explore the call of Jesus and the invitation to respond specifically through the story of Jesus walking on water and inviting Peter to do the same. We will also be reminded that a key part of our life as a follower of Jesus is to worship in response to what God has done and is doing.

Title: Sit
Scripture: Matthew 15:32-38
Theme: It is important for a dog to sit when commanded to do so by their master. Likewise, as we seek to grow in relationship with Jesus, it is important that we take time to sit as well. The story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 provides an illustration of what it means to sit, to rest, to let Jesus work, and then to play our role. As we look at this story we will also explore the important role of group life in being able to sit and to connect with God and with others.

Title: Leave It
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-3 and 2 Corinthians 9:6-8
Theme: On this Mother’s Day Sunday we will explore what it means to live as generous givers in the context of the command to “leave it.” Dogs are told to “leave it” when attempting to take more than their fair share and when they have something they want to share but don’t know how to. We will talk about leaving gifts in the day to day reality of living as well as ways to share generously from generation to generation.

Title: Stay
Scripture: Matthew 26:36-41
Theme: As we recognize and celebrate our graduates this weekend we will explore the call that every follower of Jesus has to stay centered and grounded in Christ and to stay rooted in their faith. We will talk about the challenges that exist in this at different stages in life, and look to the story of Jesus inviting his disciples to stay with him and pray in the garden to see what we can learn about living our faith today. The theme of service as a key part of what it means to stay centered and grounded will also be emphasized.

Title: Fetch
Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8
Theme: A key part of our faith is inviting others to come and experience the difference that Jesus can make in their lives as well. As we think about what it means for a dog to fetch we will explore Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 28 and Acts 1 as a model for how we might live as followers today. On this Memorial Day we will also acknowledge those who have come before us and invited us to live differently as a result of their sacrificial invitations.