Heritage Sunday

Celebrating 165 Years in Downtown Topeka

Since March 21, 1855, Topeka First UMC has existed for the good of the city. This month we celebrate 165 years and as part of that celebration, we are inviting everyone connected to the congregation to become a member of the Heritage Club for 2020. The Heritage Club is an opportunity for people to give thanks to God for all God has done in the past and express our hope for what God will do in the future.


$165 (the age of our church) is the suggested donation for everyone interested in being a part of the club. If you want to show your support, but are unable to contribute at that level you are invited to move the decimal point as needed ($16.50, $1.65). Of course, the decimal point can be moved the other direction as well if you're able! This year, funds given to the Heritage Club will be split in half between support of our mission ministries and camp and mission trip scholarships for children and youth. The hope is that people of all ages will take the opportunity to support these efforts on Sunday, March 22, when we celebrate Heritage Sunday and our 50 year members with a birthday party for the church.