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Why Do We Give?

As Topeka First UMC continues to focus and reflect on how we might grow as Disciples of Jesus Christ with the hope of transforming we are reminded of a key component of our Christian faith. As Jesus followers, we understand that everything we have comes from God, we are simply stewards of God's gifts in this time and place. Through our financial gifts, we show a tangible love for God and our neighbors. Giving is not about amount or frequency, it is about attitude and generosity. 

How Do I Give?

There are a number of ways to make financial gifts at Topeka First UMC. Equally important though is how we approach giving. Here are some ways that you can approach giving back to God. 

  • Start by Praying: Remember that all we have comes from God. Be thankful for that and ask God for guidance as you explore giving. 

  • Look at Your Income and Giving: Take some time to look at your current income and determine what percentage of that income you are currently giving. 

  • Set a Personal Goal: If you are not or can not tithe (the practice of giving 10% of your income) then figure out what percentage you can give and set that as your goal. Once you have a starting point you can map out a path to tithing over the following years. What is important is making the spiritual discipline of regular, intentional giving a habit. 


Once you have done these things, decide how you are going to give. You can do so online, in-person on Sunday mornings, or through a number of different plans. To find out what might be best for you, contact Tina Boles, our Business Administrator.