Kingdom Builders Here and Now 

For the Good of the City


Topeka First UMC is dedicated to existing for the good of the city. What does that mean? Well, a lot. Existing for the good of the city means that we are focused on the ways in which we, here and now, can transform Topeka and the surrounding communities in positive ways that better reflect the kingdom of God. This dedication has led us to choose strategic mission partners throughout the community. It has led us to remain downtown, deeply engaged with the city and state governments that anchor our community, even when other churches chose to move away from the city center. It means that we feel a call as a community of Jesus followers to build the kingdom of God here and now.

How Do We Transform Topeka?

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Strategic Mission Partners

Over the last several years, under the leadership of our Missions Team, our congregation has chosen several different city organizations to form our strategic mission partners. With these partnerships, we regularly engage and support the Topeka Community. Our Partners are the Topeka Rescue Mission, Doorstep and Dovetail, Let's Help, Topeka North Outreach, State Street Elementary, and Topeka Jump. Visit their websites or sign up for our weekly newsletter to see how you can help any of our Strategic Mission Partners!

Monthly Missions Collection

Every month our Mission Team selects an organization or group to support through our Monthly Missions Collection. Call the church office at 785-233-8100 or check our our weekly E-News to find out what the current collection is and how to donate.

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We are proud of our partnership with State Street Elementary, where dozens of volunteers gather every Friday morning to spend time with students as part of our Waffle program. Waffle, which takes place during the late start period at the school, ensures that the students have a safe and caring environment where they learn to connect, grow, and serve!

The Greater Topeka Partnership

Over the last several years there has been really energy put into revitalizing the downtown community. As a proud member of that downtown Topeka cohort, Topeka First United Methodist Church is routinely engaged in the Greater Topeka Partnership. Our membership regularly serves on the various boards and committees associated with the GTP and you can usually find our volunteers and members at any Downtown Topeka Event. 

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