Discipleship Pathway

How We Grow at Topeka First UMC

Topeka First United Methodist Church's mission is to make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
We are a community of Jesus followers who connect, grow and serve for the good of the city. Seeking to grow in God's love, we have established five rhythms of life that help us fulfill our call as followers of Jesus:
We commit to worship together to connect with God and our community
We commit to engaging in group life where we are encouraged in our relationships with God and others. 
We commit to live as generous givers.
We commit to live as servants of God. 
We commit to live as dedicated story-tellers sharing what God is doing in our lives with others. 
You are invited to find a place in this community of faith so that as we journey together we may live our lives in such a way that all who see us might want to know our God. 









Starting Point

Attend worship once a month

Join an introductory Life Group

Give once a month as able

Serve quarterly in a ministry area

Learn what it means to share your story with others

Next Steps

Attend worship three to four times a month

Attend a Life Group each semester

Make an annual pledge proportional to your income

Regularly serve in ministry areas

Use your story to invite someone to church each quarter

Going Deeper

Be in worship unless you are out of town or sick

Facilitate a Life Group

Give annually at 10% of your income or more

Serve as a leader of a team or event in a ministry area

Regularly share your faith by telling story to others