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Genesis and Exodus

We start Bible 101 in the beginning. We will look at the creation story told in Genesis and the story of the Israelites that begins in Exodus and moves through Genesis. 

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We pick up the story of Moses after the Israelites have left Egypt and follow the tale through Numbers where the 12 tribes wonder the desert in search of the Holy Land. 

Exodus through Numbers
Deuteronomy through Judges

In Deuteronomy, we hear the final words of Moses spoken to a new generation of Israelites. Then we dive into Joshua and Judges and read about the Israelites continued inability to choose God's will over their own. 


Chronicles offers us a recap of the Old Testament told from far in the future. It offers hope in the midst of despair. 

Ezra and Nehemiah

As we look at 1 and 2 Kings as one complete work we track the Israelites history and relationship with God following the reign of King David and leading up to the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities. 

These two books retell the story of three Israelites and their attempts to rebuild Jerusalem and it's people following the Babylonian captivity.